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5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Christmas Gift Baskets

Christmas gift baskets are an ideal way to express your sentiments during Christmas. The best gift baskets are charming, versatile and appropriate for the festive season. However, with the wide range of Christmas gift baskets available in the market now, choosing the right one can be an uphill task. We have compiled for you a few tips to help you when choosing the baskets.

1. The Recipient

You must consider the preferences and personality of your recipient when choosing Christmas gift baskets. This means you have to take your time to think about the person you are sending the gift to. Once you have done that, choose a gift basket that matches his or her tastes. For those interested in learning more, please visit Boodles of Baskets.

2. Budget

Put aside some money for this purchase. Remember the prices of Christmas gift baskets range vastly. You cannot buy what you can’t afford. So, decide how much you can part with and go online to see what that can afford. Compare different retailers to be able to save some money and get the best quality.

3. The Number of People

Are you planning to send the basket to one person or a group of people? Consider the number of people who will share the gift if you are choosing a corporate gift basket. You can adjust the size of your gift basket as much as your budget will permit. If you are sending it to a large company or a large department in an organization, consider choosing one that is large enough to meet the groups’ needs.

4. Select an Appropriate Theme

When you are shopping for a Christmas gift basket, you have no need to worry about the event. Instead, visit websites and online catalogs that stock a wide range of baskets manufactured specifically for Christmas. Since you can browse at your own convenience, relax, take your time, and be sure you to choose a Christmas gift basket with the right theme printed on it.

5. Go for a Reputable Retailer

Online shopping makes it easy to buy gift baskets from the comfort of your home. However, you need to be careful to avoid falling prey to scams. Check if the websites you are considering purchasing the baskets from are legitimate before making any commitment. When was it established? What are their existing and past customers saying about them? Are they licensed to sell gift baskets in that area? Is your money safe? These are some of the questions you need to ask before making any payment.

Keep in mind the reason for sending your gift basket during Christmas. This will help you to choose the right basket. The above tips offer essential guidance. But you can be creative to get the perfect basket.

The 5 Most Popular Wedding Tent Trends

Portrait of happy newly wed couple in car

Modern couples considering wedding event rentals are finding a number of reasons to opt for a tent. Tents not only provide the space your guests require, but can be transformed into a unique space that suits your wedding theme.

There are practical reasons for renting a wedding tent. You are getting married at home, or at a space where there just isn’t enough seating or dance area. A tent is almost a mandate for an outdoor wedding with unpredictable weather. A tent, in some cases, is more budget-friendly than renting a wedding venue.

Most people starting their wedding planning have no idea how elaborately a tent can be decorated. Brides who are further along in their wedding planning are seeing couples use some of the hottest trends to make a wedding tent completely their own.

Rustic, farm weddings have been popular for five years and you can easily dress up the tent to reflect a natural look by including grapevine, burlap, wood and leather in your décor. Many brides are combining two elements that are typically opposed, burlap and romantic elements, to create their look. Burlap and pink rose petals work well for a rustic look.

Vintage has been a hot trend for the past couple of years and can run the range of a 1920s “Great Gatsby” look to a groovy 1970’s feel. Most vintage couples opt for more formality with crystal chandeliers hanging from the tent’s ceiling, which is draped in either a soft fabric like tulle or silk. Formal place settings and one bold color complete the look.

Tents can reflect a wedding’s romantic spirit with soft drapes hanging from the tent’s tops, swags hanging along the sides, flowers, chandeliers and all that sparkles. Lighter colors, like blush pink, blues, yellows and white set the tone for this décor.

Many couples are using tents to create a high-drama effect with lanterns, draped crystals and pearls and special lighting. Extremely bold colors, like orange and purple, are typically used in this type of design.

Exotic Places
A new trend, renting a colored tent and decorating it with items from a far away place can create a feel like nothing else. Some couples have even used several smaller tents for table groupings inside a venue to create a miniature village for their guests to fully experience their favorite exotic locale, complete with street laps and decorative paths.

Just because you are renting a tent doesn’t mean you have to do with less comfort. With properly installed decorative ceilings, creative lighting, and proper flooring, you can have an outside room that rivals any traditional wedding venue.

Selling Gold for Cash

So you’re looking for some quick cash and you suddenly remember the gold watch grandpa left you. Or you have a glass jar filled with some flake gold and gold nuggets you panned yourself in the Yukon in your younger days. You know you can get cash for gold somewhere in the range above a thousand dollars an ounce. What’s the best way to convert that gold into good old Canadian dollars?

One good suggestion before you even start looking for a gold buyer is to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against your prospective buyer.

Here are some proven tips for selling gold for cash:

Know the Current Price of Gold

The world price of gold is in continuous flux due to supply and demand, economic conditions or rapidly developing political issues. But unless something drastic happens to send gold prices spiraling up or down, you should know the general current price range of gold when you negotiate a sale for cash. A buyer who realizes you know the current price of gold will be less likely to take advantage of you when he presents his offer.

Get Several Price Quotes

This is particularly important when selling gold jewelry. With an accurate scale, you can weight raw gold fairly accurately. But with jewelry, a scale can’t tell the weight of gold contained in that necklace or ring. If two separate jewelry quotes are far apart, get a third appraisal.

Understand That You Won’t be Getting the Published Gold Price

If gold is quoted at $1,200 an ounce when you are meeting with a buyer, don’t expect to get that price. The buyer has to make a profit. The price offered to you should be within 10 to 15 percent of the market price, or $1,080 to $1,020 per ounce on the $1,200 price. If the price offered is lower than that, look for another buyer.

Deal with Reputable Gold Buyers

Longevity is a positive factor when looking for a gold buyer. Cheats and frauds don’t last long in the business. Deal only with buyers who have a long history of satisfied customers in the gold buying business. If you call them on the phone and talk to someone about the company, you can usually get a good sense of the way they do business.

Online Gold Sales

A number of gold-buying companies now advertise and work through the internet. You mail your gold jewelry to then in an envelope they supply than wait patiently for a reply with a high dollar quote.

The best option is to visit the gold buyer in person and watch as they analyze your gold jewelry and discuss how they made their appraisal.

Financial and Tax Considerations Associated with Pre-Paid Funeral Planning

Planning for death is not something the typical Canadian relishes. Funeral homes typically are thought to be something dreaded and avoided. On the other hand, reasonable efforts to plan for a person’s passing is not necessarily something that should be ignored.

In Canada, a majority of adults do not pre-plan with funeral homes. They may place some directives in a will or tell a loved one what they might like to see in the way of a funeral. However, most Canadians to not pre-plan their funeral arrangements.

Establishing a Pre-Paid Funeral Account

Section 148.1 of the Canada Tax Act permits the ability to establish a funeral expense account. A person actually can place funds into an interest-bearing vehicle. The money need not sit idle.

Pursuant to section 148.1 of the Canada Tax Act, any interest earned on a funeral expense account is exempt from taxation, provided the earnings on such an account do go to pay bona fide funeral and burial expenses. This is an important feature of the applicable law.

A person can establish a pre-paid funeral expense account by placing a lower amount of money into the fund with the idea that it will earn interest over time. This strategy is particularly helpful for a younger adult who hopefully, and statistically, has years to live before the need to pay for funeral and burial expenses. In theory, an individual could fund the account with a relatively small amount of money and rely in accumulated interest over time to aid in paying for expenses when the need arises.

The 21st Century Funeral Home

The typical funeral home in North America is dedicated more to making arrangements for the presentation of the deceased, the planning of a memorial, and burial. A funeral typical funeral home in Canada is also providing other key services to a person with an eye to being proactive in regard to his or her funeral and burial arrangements. This includes assisting with appropriately establishing a pre-paid funeral account.

A funeral home is also well-situated to assist a proactive planner in making sure that his or her wishes and desires are locked in and not to be adjusted unnecessarily by a potentially well-meaning family member. The staff of many a funeral home receives special training to assist an individual in feeling comfortable with the idea of taking control of his or her funeral and burial issues.

A final note about final arrangements involves flexibility. A funeral home is able to do a wide spectrum of different things in regard to memorial services, cremation and burial when the ultimate subject of these arrangements is involved in planning them in the first instance. For additional info, visit Aftercare Cremation and Burial Service and learn more from their online references.

Top Wedding Ceremony Tips

Your special day is fast approaching. You want everything to go perfectly. The memory of your wedding ceremony is something you’ll hold forever. You desire for your officiant’s speech to be on point, your dress to be flawless, and your vows to be meaningful. To ensure that you and your guests experience the perfect wedding day, follow these tips.

Get To Know Your Marriage Officiant Ahead of Time

Many wedding officiants require a meeting with the engaged couples before the wedding. Take this opportunity to meet him or her and get to know each other. Share stories of how you two met, what you love most about each other, and how you fell in love. Get an idea of their officiating style. This meeting will personalize your ceremony. Also, consider premarital counseling. You may not think you’ll need it, but the extra time you and your future spouse will spend with the marriage officiant will create a relationship that will reflect in your ceremony.

Have a Backup Location for Outdoor Ceremonies

So many dream of having their wedding under the sun, but Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. While your dream may be to have your wedding outside, it’s impossible to know what the weather will be months ahead your ceremony. The last thing your guests want to do is wet their nice clothes, and you certainly don’t want to ruin your beautiful dress. That’s why you should plan an indoor backup location, just in case. Make sure it’s in a venue that you’ll be proud to have your wedding in, so you won’t be too disappointed if you’re forced inside.

Don’t Underestimate the Time To Get Ready

Hair and makeup will usually run you at least about 45 minutes each. Don’t rush yourself, or your stylists, by underestimating your hair and makeup time. Even if you aren’t naturally into glamour, you’ll want to make sure everything is perfect for this once in a lifetime day. Your guests, wedding party, and officiant will become annoyed with you if they’re forced to sit for an extra hour or two while you put on the finishing touches. Make sure your ceremony starts on time by incorporating at least two hours for beauty in your schedule.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Getting Creative

Even if you’re a die-hard traditionalist, there are still some personal touches you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony. You can choose a different kind of music, have a reader, create a unique program, or incorporate a cultural tradition. You can even do something completely original.

If you’re getting married in a venue that may limit your options, you can try a unique decoration such as colorful backdrops or aisle runners, accessories on your bouquet, or a family photo display.

This is your special day, so make it about you.

The wedding ceremony is nothing to skim over. Put careful planning into it to make sure that your day will go as planned. It will be a memory you’ll cherish forever.

The Perfect Flowers for a Romantic Surprise


There are many ways to show someone that you are in love with them, but there is one romantic gesture that gets the point across in a simple and beautiful way: sending a lover the gift of flowers. People love receiving surprise deliveries of flowers to their home or workplace- especially when the flower delivery was sent by someone they have romantic feelings for. There are many different types of flowers to choose from, but when picking the perfect bouquet for a surprise, romantic flower delivery Toronto you may want to send flowers that have romantic meanings behind them- for an added special touch.

5 Flowers and Their Romantic Meanings

Roses: Roses are the most popular flower to send to a lover or partner. Red roses are a well known symbol of love and intense, romantic connections. A bouquet of roses are certain to brighten the day of their receiver, but for something more simple with an even stronger meaning send a single, long stem rose that is free of any thorns- this is the symbol of love at first sight. To send a lavish bouquet that has an equally stunning meaning, try a bouquet of roses in red and white. This symbolizes true unity.

Orchids: One of the most interesting flowers, the orchid is a delicate bloom with a long lifespan. Orchids are a fantastic flower to send as a gift to a beautiful woman as they represent femininity, charm, and rare, exquisite beauty.

Peonies: Large, fragrant, vibrant blooms, peonies are an ideal flower to send to show love. Peonies represent healing and good fortune, and are thought to bring a long and happy marriage.

Carnations: Red carnations represent deep affection and love. If you intend to send flowers to someone that you deeply desire, they will know your affections as soon as they see the bouquet. Paired with baby’s breath, a gentle bloom that stands for innocence and happiness, this bouquet will bring joy to the object of your affection, and show your true motives in love.

Lilacs: The fragrant, beautiful Lilac is a sight to behold, especially to lovers in a new relationship. Standing for the first feelings of love, the lilac is an ideal choice for a new partner, or one that you feel deserves to be reminded of the early passion of your love.

Flowers for All Occasions of Love

No matter the occasion, whether it is to celebrate an anniversary or just a way to say “I love you,” a surprise, romantic flower delivery will bring joy to the heart of your special someone. New technology makes sending flowers even easier, with ways to order flowers online, or with apps for smartphones. So even if your urge to send a romantic gift of flowers comes when you are stuck in the office, or far away from any local flower shop, it is possible to send flowers to the object of your affection in just a few clicks, or at the push of a button. Though the ways of ordering flowers may have changed, the sentiment behind them has stayed and will remain the same for years to come.

Mother’s Day: 5 Cool Presents For Wine Loving Moms

Keep Calm and Mother On

Is your mother a true wine connoisseur? Wine culture has reached new heights recently, and now, more than ever, there is a plethora of unique and exquisite gifts for true vino enthusiasts. From wooden wine boxes to custom-made gift baskets, read on for some truly innovative gifts that your vintage-loving mother will surely enjoy.

1. Personalized and Custom Wood Boxes

Mom will be touched to see a one-of-a-kind wooden wine box laser-emblazoned with her name, a beautiful design, or a personalized message. Fill the custom wood boxes with your mother’s favorite vintage, along with a glass, bottle opener, and other assorted tools. Wooden wine boxes also make beautiful home decorations after the wine has been consumed.

2. Vintage Wine Crates

If your mother is a history buff, perhaps she will appreciate a pick of antique crates from some of the world’s best known vineyards filled with a sampling of today’s favorite flavors. Internet hubs such as Etsy and Ebay feature a wide array of old crates that are undoubtedly authentic, as well as some very convincing replicas.

3. Roll Out Wine Bins

Using roll-out crates, your mom can actually create her own wine cellar in her home! These racks ingeniously stack on top of one another in a manner that displays what appears to be the fronts of beautiful decorative cases. However, the roll-out drawers will provide Mom with easy access to her bottles since they simply glide in-and-out. These ornamental crates make a posh addition to an existing cellar or can be used to create a new collection from scratch.

4. A Country Fruit Basket

Forget the cliche cheese and cracker Mother’s Day gift baskets and instead opt for a fruity wine combo. Sweet, blush wines work best as a backdrop for a decorative basket filled with cranberries, pears, apples, and dried apricots. An even better idea is to pair particular wines with a fruit spread that mirrors its fruity undertones. For example, you can couple dried cherries with a cherry chutney.

5. A Red Wine and Chocolate Basket

Red wine and chocolate make a decadent pair and Mom surely will not be able to resist the guilty pleasures of these irresistible gift baskets Canada. Make sure that the wine that you include is a bit sweeter than the variety of chocolate you use. If the chocolate is too sweet, the wine may taste a bit too bitter. Pair your red wines and chocolate in accordance with their respective darkness for a match made in heaven. You can also include a tin of nuts, such as pistachios or hazelnuts, as a perfect accent.

It may be difficult to be original every Mother’s Day, but if your mother appreciates wine and wine culture, the options listed above are sure to make her day special.

6 Occasions for a Floral Bouquet


There is never an occasion when flowers are inappropriate. However, if florists know when the most popular flower-giving seasons are, they can adjust their sales and increase traffic to their business. Here are the six most popular occasions to give or exchange flowers.

1. Valentine’s Day

This one should come as no surprise. On Valentine’s Day, lovers are prone to giving red and pink flowers, usually roses. While many of them will be bouquets that they will deliver in person, some may choose to have flowers delivered to their loved one’s office or home. While red roses will be the most popular, there will be a vast amount who opt for their loved one’s favorite color as opposed to the traditional. It is best to be prepared.

2. Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is another extremely popular day for flowers. Carnations are most commonly associated with this holiday, but nearly any Spring flower boosts in popularity during this time. Adult children who live away from their families often send bouquets or other arrangements to seem closer when they can’t be.

3. Memorial Day

This is one of the holidays that florists may overlook. While people are not spending lots of money on extravagant arrangements, people are placing smaller orders to honor those who came before us. Usually, they are patriotic in color and simple in design.

4. Christmas Holidays

During the winter holiday season, florist experience in influx in sales. Arrangements are often displayed on dinner tables while potted plants are often given as gifts to decorate the home during the season.

5. Thanksgiving

The same principles apply to Thanksgiving. The only difference is that this lands on a single day as opposed to encompassing a season. Many families will want a gorgeous centerpiece in the middle of their dining room table while many other families will present their host with a beautiful gift of flowers.

6. Personal

Throughout the year, people look to flower shops to fulfill many needs. They may want to provide flowers on a birthday, to celebrate a graduation, to honor a death, recognize an anniversary, or just to give a special someone an emotional lift during the day. These are the types of occasions that the flower shop cannot plan for, but it is the reason why they have to be on their toes at all times.

Using social media and technology can be extremely beneficial to flower shops. They can use the social media outlets to alert people of the upcoming occasions as well as implant their company name into the potential customer’s mind. When the shop is planning ahead, it assures the customer that they are prepared for the rush with quality products.

The flower shops can also take advantage of smart phones and other devices by offering coupons that can be scanned from the phone and online ordering. This makes it far easier for customers who are probably already rushed with other events of the season, like shopping and cooking. Take advantage of the opportunities to please your customers with new technologies.

How to Design a Floral Arrangement


Designing a spectacular floral arrangement takes amazing skill from the florist. Creating different arrangements with flowers looks like a difficult and time-consuming task. However, you don’t have to be a professional florist to create your own floral masterpiece. If you want to create one-of-a-kind floral arrangements, you can follow the tips in this article.

Pick bright flowers: Picking colorful flowers is a great way to design a beautiful arrangement. A vibrant color scheme looks beautiful and full of life. Making sure that the flowers are in tip-top condition is highly important because it drastically affects the quality of the arrangement. Bright flowers call attention to the eye, thus making the arrangement visually interesting. The more visual interest in your arrangement, the better it looks.

Know what type of arrangement you’ll do: There are different types of arrangements you can do. The first step to actually designing your arrangement is to select the form of the arrangement. One type of floral arrangement is the bouquets. The bouquet is a beautiful arrangement that is commonly used for weddings. The bouquet is small and light enough to be carried around. The decorative arrangement is used for the home or for ceremonies, and the flowers are usually arranged inside of a beautiful vase. The wrist corsage is a flower arrangement that is worn around the wrist; it is commonly used for proms and weddings.

Pick a vase: If you decide to do an arrangement that requires a vase, you need to pick a beautiful one. There are several types of vases, and they come in a rainbow of colors. Picking a neutral color for the base is great because it lets the flowers standout more. However, you can pick a colorful base as long as the flowers aren’t the exact same color as the vase.

Take care of your flowers: As soon as you get your flowers from the florist, you should place them in water so they don’t die. To make your flowers last for a long time, you need to fill the vase with slightly warm water. Warm water also helps the plants open up and become vibrant. In addition, you can add flower preservative or sugar because it helps the flowers stay alive for longer time periods.

Cut the stems: It is highly important to cut an inch off the bottom of the stems. By cutting your flowers, they will absorb water easily, and they will be easier to arrange.

Use foam: Using foam helps the flowers stay in place without toppling over. Using foam is crucial if you want the flowers to maintain their shape for a lot of time. Always remember to water the foam so the flowers stay healthy.

Make it tall: It is important to add flowers that are taller than the vase because it makes them standout more.

Use similar colors: A monochromatic arrangement is really interesting to look at. The key to making monochromatic arrangements work is to use different sized flowers and different shades of the same color.

You Can Use Today’s Technology to Send Flowers Worldwide


Flowers are just as well loved as they have been for thousands of years. Since ancient times, people have used floral bouquets to cheer a friend or loved one or to declare adoration. Today, they are one of the most treasured gifts that you can give to someone for almost any occasion as well as to express love, sympathy, goodwill hopes and love. In today’s culture, technology and social media are often engaged in the common practices and trends of flower giving.

Why is a Bunch of Blooms Special?

Why do people give bouquets? Well, one of the most obvious reasons is their beauty. No artwork is more exquisite than a single orchid or rose. Everyone needs the opportunity to appreciate beauty, especially in things from nature like flowers. Taking time to enjoy loveliness helps to heal the soul, the heart and the emotions. Looking on something beautiful brings joy to the heart, and the sentiment expressed in a personal note with the bouquet helps to make the arrangement even more meaningful. Floral art is significant because of its artistic and exquisitely attractive qualities as well as its sentiment and meaning.

Today’s Technology and Floral Arrangements

Today’s technology and social media have made huge changes in the way that people obtain information about sending a floral gift and in how they order bouquets sent. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest show photographs of lovely floral arrangements by florists and advertising florist network companies worldwide. You may order direct from your smart phone while shopping on the same phone at one of the florist websites on the internet.

Purchasing flowers and sending them anywhere in the world has never been easier. Ordering online, networks of florists connect you with a florist local to the address where you want the bouquet gift delivered. In most cases, you can get the same day or next day delivery on the other side of the globe. You do not have to plan ahead for orders for your mother’s birthday while you are on a trip to Southeast Asia. You can order a bouquet delivered within one or two days from anywhere you can send and receive over the internet.

You can also get special deals through social media sites from many florists. For instance, if you “like” a floral shop on Facebook, you may receive notice of special sales on certain floral arrangements or types of blooms. You may even receive promotional codes or coupons for significant discounts on bouquet gifts.

The Love of Blooms

Technology, the internet and social media have played their part in making sending floral gifts more convenient. You can find your favorite florist on the social media sites that you use most often on the internet. Helping to carry on the tradition of sending flowers alive, people love to send and receive a floral arrangement or even a single flower. Usually, the attached message or the occasion makes the blooms more significant even than just their arrangement, colors and beauty.