6 Occasions for a Floral Bouquet


There is never an occasion when flowers are inappropriate. However, if florists know when the most popular flower-giving seasons are, they can adjust their sales and increase traffic to their business. Here are the six most popular occasions to give or exchange flowers.

1. Valentine’s Day

This one should come as no surprise. On Valentine’s Day, lovers are prone to giving red and pink flowers, usually roses. While many of them will be bouquets that they will deliver in person, some may choose to have flowers delivered to their loved one’s office or home. While red roses will be the most popular, there will be a vast amount who opt for their loved one’s favorite color as opposed to the traditional. It is best to be prepared.

2. Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is another extremely popular day for flowers. Carnations are most commonly associated with this holiday, but nearly any Spring flower boosts in popularity during this time. Adult children who live away from their families often send bouquets or other arrangements to seem closer when they can’t be.

3. Memorial Day

This is one of the holidays that florists may overlook. While people are not spending lots of money on extravagant arrangements, people are placing smaller orders to honor those who came before us. Usually, they are patriotic in color and simple in design.

4. Christmas Holidays

During the winter holiday season, florist experience in influx in sales. Arrangements are often displayed on dinner tables while potted plants are often given as gifts to decorate the home during the season.

5. Thanksgiving

The same principles apply to Thanksgiving. The only difference is that this lands on a single day as opposed to encompassing a season. Many families will want a gorgeous centerpiece in the middle of their dining room table while many other families will present their host with a beautiful gift of flowers.

6. Personal

Throughout the year, people look to flower shops to fulfill many needs. They may want to provide flowers on a birthday, to celebrate a graduation, to honor a death, recognize an anniversary, or just to give a special someone an emotional lift during the day. These are the types of occasions that the flower shop cannot plan for, but it is the reason why they have to be on their toes at all times.

Using social media and technology can be extremely beneficial to flower shops. They can use the social media outlets to alert people of the upcoming occasions as well as implant their company name into the potential customer’s mind. When the shop is planning ahead, it assures the customer that they are prepared for the rush with quality products.

The flower shops can also take advantage of smart phones and other devices by offering coupons that can be scanned from the phone and online ordering. This makes it far easier for customers who are probably already rushed with other events of the season, like shopping and cooking. Take advantage of the opportunities to please your customers with new technologies.

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