Florists, Flowers, and Weddings: How to Pick The Perfect Petals For Your Special Day


When it comes to choosing the best floral arrangements for your wedding, the options are endless. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices, and it’s common to second guess decisions before the big day. Don’t let the stress of choosing flower arrangements prevent you from booking a florist early. After you’ve selected a floral expert, the rest is smooth sailing. Here are a few tips to help you keep your sanity while choosing the best blooms:

1. Learn about flowers

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Avoid communication errors by learning a little about flowers before meeting with a florist. It’s good to know the difference between a bouquet and a boutonniere or be able to discern roses from ranunculus. If you don’t understand a florist’s lingo, just ask. Most florists are eager to educate customers about their craft.

2. Trust the florist

Florists attend floral design schools to become experts in flower arrangements. Consider wedding flowers to be their area of expertise. A good florist will be able to show you examples and work with your vision to make your wedding fantasy come to life. They want you to be happy, so don’t treat the florist like the enemy.

3. Set a budget

Determine what you can afford to spend on flowers before visiting a florist. Most florists find this helpful, and it avoids disappointment. A florist who knows your budget will not create a $5,000 centerpiece for you to fall in love with when your entire budget is only half of that.

4. Coordinate colors

You can bring colors to the florist or let the wedding flowers inspire the palate. Whichever way you choose, make sure that the bridesmaid dresses, tablecloths, and flower arrangements compliment each other instead of clash.

5. Choose seasonal arrangements

In many cases, flower costs are dictated by availability. If your wedding is in February, you might have a hard time finding affordable roses. Likewise, daisies are most appropriate for spring, whereas mums bloom in autumn. Choosing seasonal flower arrangements can save you money and help set the proper mood.

6. Marry your theme

Beach weddings have a different vibe from church weddings, and your flower arrangements should reflect the mood. Traditional weddings favor traditional arrangements, but less obvious choices work well with unconventional themes.

7. Consider the venue

Ballrooms with high, opulent ceilings can accommodate tall centerpieces, whereas venues with a view are better left unobstructed. Centerpieces do not need to be large in order to be gorgeous. If your florist is familiar with the venue, there may be location-specific arrangements for you to consider. Great arrangements should flatter a grand venue or bring classiness to an otherwise modest establishment.

Your wedding flowers say a lot about your personality. It’s up to you to choose the flower option that feels right and fulfills your expectations. With the help of an experienced florist, your wedding dreams will come true. Remember to ask questions, view examples, and look through a florist’s portfolio before writing the check. If you do your homework and trust your florist, you will be satisfied with the big day’s outcome.

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