How to Design a Floral Arrangement


Designing a spectacular floral arrangement takes amazing skill from the florist. Creating different arrangements with flowers looks like a difficult and time-consuming task. However, you don’t have to be a professional florist to create your own floral masterpiece. If you want to create one-of-a-kind floral arrangements, you can follow the tips in this article.

Pick bright flowers: Picking colorful flowers is a great way to design a beautiful arrangement. A vibrant color scheme looks beautiful and full of life. Making sure that the flowers are in tip-top condition is highly important because it drastically affects the quality of the arrangement. Bright flowers call attention to the eye, thus making the arrangement visually interesting. The more visual interest in your arrangement, the better it looks.

Know what type of arrangement you’ll do: There are different types of arrangements you can do. The first step to actually designing your arrangement is to select the form of the arrangement. One type of floral arrangement is the bouquets. The bouquet is a beautiful arrangement that is commonly used for weddings. The bouquet is small and light enough to be carried around. The decorative arrangement is used for the home or for ceremonies, and the flowers are usually arranged inside of a beautiful vase. The wrist corsage is a flower arrangement that is worn around the wrist; it is commonly used for proms and weddings.

Pick a vase: If you decide to do an arrangement that requires a vase, you need to pick a beautiful one. There are several types of vases, and they come in a rainbow of colors. Picking a neutral color for the base is great because it lets the flowers standout more. However, you can pick a colorful base as long as the flowers aren’t the exact same color as the vase.

Take care of your flowers: As soon as you get your flowers from the florist, you should place them in water so they don’t die. To make your flowers last for a long time, you need to fill the vase with slightly warm water. Warm water also helps the plants open up and become vibrant. In addition, you can add flower preservative or sugar because it helps the flowers stay alive for longer time periods.

Cut the stems: It is highly important to cut an inch off the bottom of the stems. By cutting your flowers, they will absorb water easily, and they will be easier to arrange.

Use foam: Using foam helps the flowers stay in place without toppling over. Using foam is crucial if you want the flowers to maintain their shape for a lot of time. Always remember to water the foam so the flowers stay healthy.

Make it tall: It is important to add flowers that are taller than the vase because it makes them standout more.

Use similar colors: A monochromatic arrangement is really interesting to look at. The key to making monochromatic arrangements work is to use different sized flowers and different shades of the same color.

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