The 5 Most Popular Wedding Tent Trends

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Modern couples considering wedding event rentals are finding a number of reasons to opt for a tent. Tents not only provide the space your guests require, but can be transformed into a unique space that suits your wedding theme.

There are practical reasons for renting a wedding tent. You are getting married at home, or at a space where there just isn’t enough seating or dance area. A tent is almost a mandate for an outdoor wedding with unpredictable weather. A tent, in some cases, is more budget-friendly than renting a wedding venue.

Most people starting their wedding planning have no idea how elaborately a tent can be decorated. Brides who are further along in their wedding planning are seeing couples use some of the hottest trends to make a wedding tent completely their own.

Rustic, farm weddings have been popular for five years and you can easily dress up the tent to reflect a natural look by including grapevine, burlap, wood and leather in your décor. Many brides are combining two elements that are typically opposed, burlap and romantic elements, to create their look. Burlap and pink rose petals work well for a rustic look.

Vintage has been a hot trend for the past couple of years and can run the range of a 1920s “Great Gatsby” look to a groovy 1970’s feel. Most vintage couples opt for more formality with crystal chandeliers hanging from the tent’s ceiling, which is draped in either a soft fabric like tulle or silk. Formal place settings and one bold color complete the look.

Tents can reflect a wedding’s romantic spirit with soft drapes hanging from the tent’s tops, swags hanging along the sides, flowers, chandeliers and all that sparkles. Lighter colors, like blush pink, blues, yellows and white set the tone for this décor.

Many couples are using tents to create a high-drama effect with lanterns, draped crystals and pearls and special lighting. Extremely bold colors, like orange and purple, are typically used in this type of design.

Exotic Places
A new trend, renting a colored tent and decorating it with items from a far away place can create a feel like nothing else. Some couples have even used several smaller tents for table groupings inside a venue to create a miniature village for their guests to fully experience their favorite exotic locale, complete with street laps and decorative paths.

Just because you are renting a tent doesn’t mean you have to do with less comfort. With properly installed decorative ceilings, creative lighting, and proper flooring, you can have an outside room that rivals any traditional wedding venue.

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