The Perfect Flowers for a Romantic Surprise


There are many ways to show someone that you are in love with them, but there is one romantic gesture that gets the point across in a simple and beautiful way: sending a lover the gift of flowers. People love receiving surprise deliveries of flowers to their home or workplace- especially when the flower delivery was sent by someone they have romantic feelings for. There are many different types of flowers to choose from, but when picking the perfect bouquet for a surprise, romantic flower delivery Toronto you may want to send flowers that have romantic meanings behind them- for an added special touch.

5 Flowers and Their Romantic Meanings

Roses: Roses are the most popular flower to send to a lover or partner. Red roses are a well known symbol of love and intense, romantic connections. A bouquet of roses are certain to brighten the day of their receiver, but for something more simple with an even stronger meaning send a single, long stem rose that is free of any thorns- this is the symbol of love at first sight. To send a lavish bouquet that has an equally stunning meaning, try a bouquet of roses in red and white. This symbolizes true unity.

Orchids: One of the most interesting flowers, the orchid is a delicate bloom with a long lifespan. Orchids are a fantastic flower to send as a gift to a beautiful woman as they represent femininity, charm, and rare, exquisite beauty.

Peonies: Large, fragrant, vibrant blooms, peonies are an ideal flower to send to show love. Peonies represent healing and good fortune, and are thought to bring a long and happy marriage.

Carnations: Red carnations represent deep affection and love. If you intend to send flowers to someone that you deeply desire, they will know your affections as soon as they see the bouquet. Paired with baby’s breath, a gentle bloom that stands for innocence and happiness, this bouquet will bring joy to the object of your affection, and show your true motives in love.

Lilacs: The fragrant, beautiful Lilac is a sight to behold, especially to lovers in a new relationship. Standing for the first feelings of love, the lilac is an ideal choice for a new partner, or one that you feel deserves to be reminded of the early passion of your love.

Flowers for All Occasions of Love

No matter the occasion, whether it is to celebrate an anniversary or just a way to say “I love you,” a surprise, romantic flower delivery will bring joy to the heart of your special someone. New technology makes sending flowers even easier, with ways to order flowers online, or with apps for smartphones. So even if your urge to send a romantic gift of flowers comes when you are stuck in the office, or far away from any local flower shop, it is possible to send flowers to the object of your affection in just a few clicks, or at the push of a button. Though the ways of ordering flowers may have changed, the sentiment behind them has stayed and will remain the same for years to come.

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