Top Wedding Ceremony Tips

Your special day is fast approaching. You want everything to go perfectly. The memory of your wedding ceremony is something you’ll hold forever. You desire for your officiant’s speech to be on point, your dress to be flawless, and your vows to be meaningful. To ensure that you and your guests experience the perfect wedding day, follow these tips.

Get To Know Your Marriage Officiant Ahead of Time

Many wedding officiants require a meeting with the engaged couples before the wedding. Take this opportunity to meet him or her and get to know each other. Share stories of how you two met, what you love most about each other, and how you fell in love. Get an idea of their officiating style. This meeting will personalize your ceremony. Also, consider premarital counseling. You may not think you’ll need it, but the extra time you and your future spouse will spend with the marriage officiant will create a relationship that will reflect in your ceremony.

Have a Backup Location for Outdoor Ceremonies

So many dream of having their wedding under the sun, but Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. While your dream may be to have your wedding outside, it’s impossible to know what the weather will be months ahead your ceremony. The last thing your guests want to do is wet their nice clothes, and you certainly don’t want to ruin your beautiful dress. That’s why you should plan an indoor backup location, just in case. Make sure it’s in a venue that you’ll be proud to have your wedding in, so you won’t be too disappointed if you’re forced inside.

Don’t Underestimate the Time To Get Ready

Hair and makeup will usually run you at least about 45 minutes each. Don’t rush yourself, or your stylists, by underestimating your hair and makeup time. Even if you aren’t naturally into glamour, you’ll want to make sure everything is perfect for this once in a lifetime day. Your guests, wedding party, and officiant will become annoyed with you if they’re forced to sit for an extra hour or two while you put on the finishing touches. Make sure your ceremony starts on time by incorporating at least two hours for beauty in your schedule.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Getting Creative

Even if you’re a die-hard traditionalist, there are still some personal touches you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony. You can choose a different kind of music, have a reader, create a unique program, or incorporate a cultural tradition. You can even do something completely original.

If you’re getting married in a venue that may limit your options, you can try a unique decoration such as colorful backdrops or aisle runners, accessories on your bouquet, or a family photo display.

This is your special day, so make it about you.

The wedding ceremony is nothing to skim over. Put careful planning into it to make sure that your day will go as planned. It will be a memory you’ll cherish forever.

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